Victory in the second European Cup-1991. USSR Deaf Football

Victory in the second European Cup-1991. USSR Deaf Football

The USSR Deaf Football Team is the national football team that represents the USSR in international football tournaments and matches. Existed from 1960 to 1991. The organization that controlled and managed the national team was the Deaf Football Federation of the USSR.

Victory in the second European Cup-1991.

The USSR national team for the first time reached the second European Cup, twice beating Germany, which was strong at that time (2: 0). In the semi-finals of Ireland, which took place in Ghent (Belgium), the Soviet team came out with a difficult 4:3 victory.

Further in the final, the Soviet football players won a stubborn victory with a decisive goal by Ryabikov A., in the 112th minute of overtime – 3:2. As a result, the USSR national team under the guidance of coaches V. Kulibabenko and J. Frenkel became the most titled deaf in the history of Soviet football.

I am very glad that in September 2021 we managed to bring together the players of this team in Moscow after 30 years. Not everyone was able to come, but most. It was nice to see each other, to talk, to remember the past. These, I tell you, are people of exceptional human qualities. …> It was a real team of like-minded people.”

Here is the medal of the European Championship – 1991.