In connection with the growing number of teams and the expansion of the geography of football for the deaf, it was decided to create the International Association of the Football of the Deaf (DIFA), which was officially registered by the registration chamber in Geneva (Switzerland) on June 14, 2010. In September 2018, Difa passed registration in Moscow (Russia). DIFA is an officially recognized international organization dedicated to the development and promotion of football and the futsal of the deaf in the world. Since 2015, DIFA has been a full member of the International Committee for the Sports of the Deaf, and working contacts have also been established between DIFA and FIFA.


DIFA Official founding(1c) DIFA Inaugural meeting(1c)



Current DIFA Board – 2011 to 2015:

President: Iakov Frenkel (RUS) 

Vice President 1: Jack Lamberton (USA)
Vice President 2: Giovanni Convito (ITA)

Treasurer: (Vacant)

 Secretary General (January 2012 – March 2013): Lyndon Borrow (GB/AUS)

Member-at-large: Brice Allain (FRA)
Member-at-large: Soslanbek Kanukovku (NL)
Member-at-large: Takis Kordonouris (GRE) 
Member-at-large: Mohammad Porgar (IRA) 





2nd Difa Congress was held in Bangkok (Thailand) 11/29/2017.

During the competitions the 2nd DIFA Congress was held on the 29th of December with 16 world countries participating: Bahrain, China, Indonesia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan. While the Congress the delegates got acquainted with a report of the President and DIFA Executive Committee on the results of the organization’s activities from 2011 to 2017, accepted the amendments to the organization Constitution and the program of the Deaf Football development on the period 2018-2022, considered various proposals concerning Deaf Football development.

Also, the elections of the President, Vice-presidents and members of the DIFA Executive Committee were held. The current president of the organization, Mr. Iakov Frenkel, outran the second candidate for the position – Italian Mr. Giovanni Convito – and extended his authority for another 4 years. The following were appointed as DIFA Vice-presidents: Mr. Mohammad Pargar (Iran), Mr. Giovanni Convito (Italy), Mr. Brice Allain (France). In addition to the above-mentioned officials the Executive Committee included: Mr. Alshehri Ali Turki (Saudi Arabia), Mr. Cho Man-soo (South Korea), Mr. Soslanbek Kanukov (Russia), Mr. Andreas Rigas (Greece), Ms. Liu Ting (China).

The Closing Ceremony was held on the 3rd of December after the picturesque Awards Ceremony. During the Closing Ceremony the following high profile officials gave their speech: the representative of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of Thailand (read the word of the Minister of Sport and Tourism of Thailand, Mr. Wirasak Kowsoorad); the head of the Organizing Committee, Anat Yodbangtoeybol; the President of DIFA, Iakov Frenkel; the member of the ICSD Executive Board, Jack Lamberton and others.



Current DIFA Board – 2017 to 2022:

President: Iakov Frenkel

1-st Vice President: Brice Allain

Vice President: Mohammad Pargar

Member-at-large: Liu Ting

 Member-at-Large: Turki Alsheri

Member-at-Large: Cho Man Soo

Secretary-General & Geo: Andrey Popov

Communications & Media: Stanislav Zalmanovsky

ICSD Technical Director: (Vacant)

Treasurer: Dmitry Ivanov


Official Protocols DIFA (2c)




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