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Health is the most valuable thing in life. When nothing hurts you, and your loved ones are healthy, then the sun shines brighter ..

During this difficult period, we want to emphasize that the health of every person and athlete remains our top priority. We are taking all necessary measures.

It is known throughout the world that Israeli medicine is one of the leading in the world. One of the proofs is the high life expectancy of the population.

The State of Israel is an economically and technologically developed country, in which new medicines and robots are invented every year to save people’s lives.

For example, like the rewalk exoskeleton, it allows paraplegics to walk rather than sit in a wheelchair.
The treatment of oncological diseases and the possibility of prolonging the life of patients are very advanced, thanks to qualified specialists and high technology.

Diagnosis of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, methods of treatment of the spine and joints are carried out in the best clinics in Israel.

Our company “Fixumed” provides a range of treatment services in Israel at the highest level and is the only company that provides support with a sign language interpreter.

We work with the best clinics and doctors in Israel and Turkey. we realized the need for remote treatment and found a way out of the situation during the pandemic, and our company is one of the few that provides online consultations and remote diagnostics after certain checks at the request of the doctor, consultations are also held with a sign language interpreter and patient accompaniment after treatment.
We are glad that we have been given the opportunity to conclude an agreement with a company like DIFA, and provide you, the athletes, with the opportunity to be treated by the best doctors.

Even before arriving in Israel, our staff will collect an accurate history, study all the provided medical documentation and consult with highly specialized specialists, after which the patient will be given an accurate assessment of upcoming events. Most procedures have a fixed cost, so the patient will be able to control their costs at all stages of treatment.

We provide financial transparency.

Our company “Fixumed”:

Frenkel Lena – founder and chief director.
Speaks English, Russian, Hebrew, sign language interpreter;

Anat Rumanovsky – Chief Director of Medical Tourism in Israel English, Russian, Hebrew;

Olga Gut – medical director and curator;

Roy Rumanovsky – technical department;

For all questions, please contact by mail:

Or Whatsapp +972542276623(Whatsapp)

We care about your health.