Report on the Saudi Arabia Futsal Championship for the Deaf

Report on the Saudi Arabia Futsal Championship for the Deaf
Report on the Saudi Arabia Futsal Championship for the Deaf
from 5-9 / DEC /2020 in Dammam
The Saudi Deaf Sports Federation has organized the Saudi Arabia Futsal Championship for the Deaf for this year as part of the annual tournaments it organizes in Dammam with the participation of 160 players representing 14 clubs and centers for the deaf, and the results were as follows:
1- First place: Deaf Club in Riyadh
2- Second Place: Deaf Center in Qatif
3- Third place: Abha Deaf Center
The matches were held in :
• The Green Hall at the Ministry of Sports
• Al-lttifaq Club lounge
• Alnahda club hall
The players appeared at a very good level and the level of arbitration was also very good according to the report of the referee, and the conclusion of the tournament was attended by the Director of the Ministry of Sports in the Eastern Province
And the President of the Saudi for Deaf Sports Federation and members of the Federation in addition to a many of officials in the region and some parents of the players participating and interested in the sport of the deaf in the Eastern Province and the nearby provinces, where prizes, medals and rewards were distributed to the winners As follows:
Ministry of Sports
Saudi Deaf Sports Federation
• Top scorer, player: Ahmed Habkour (Abha Center)
• Best player in the tournament: Muhammad Al Nimer (the Deaf Center in Qatif)
• Best keeper in the championship: AIBaraa AIDossary (Deaf Club in Riyadh)
The President of the Saudi Deaf Sports Federation, Mr. Saeed Al-kahtani, delivered a speech at the end of the Championship which he thanked the Ministry of Youth and Sports represented by His Royal Prince / Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-FaisaI, Minister of Sports, for the great interest they are giving in the way to develop sport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general and the sport of the deaf in particular and the number of the ministry’s achievements represented in Providing sports halls and tournament referees, and providing transportation, housing and food for the players.
With Regards
Technical Committee
14 DEC 2020
Turki Alshehri
Executive Director