Message from DIFA President

Message from DIFA President

The previous time the 1st U-18 World Deaf Futsal Championships were held in Asia, Bangkok in 2017.
We are very optimistic about how at the moment prepared arenas, as developed in the training in general. All the work done by the organizers, the work is encouraging. The Deaf International Football Federation (DIFA) hoped that all competitions will be held at the highest level, to great interest from fans and that the media will fully support his conduct“.

The President of DIFA confidently stated that the 1-6 of May will take the following DIFA Executive Committee in Korea. On behalf of DIFA board, we thank you for the good organization in Bangkok and will be a real triumph of Deaf Futsal.

Bangkok is a very good sports infrastructure, a wide choice of hotels and, as far as I see, applied the maximum effort to the championship at the highest level. We thank and applaud again for organizational work and every effort made by the U18 WDFC’s Organization Committee, Thai Deaf Sports Association, volunteers, and its staff.

The President of DIFA has also touched the question of the possible inclusion of Futsal in the program of Deaflympics. He noted that the international Federation is that in the future, Futsal has become Deaf Sport discipline, but a number of factors do not allow this in the near future. However, he assured that the movement on this path will continue.

Futsal is played on 4 continents. Thus, it will be easier to achieve our main objective – inclusion of Futsal in the programme of the Deaflympics“, – concluded the President of DIFA, Mr. Iakov Frenkel”.

On behalf of DIFA Board, we also wanted to say thank Ms. Liu Ting, DIFA Executive Committee, and her Chinese media team for provided video highligths and their excellent work. Enjoy watching!