Memorandum of Understanding between ICSD and DIFA

Memorandum of Understanding between ICSD and DIFA

Today is October 18, 2023. ICSD and DIFA signed a new extended Memorandum of Understanding for a period of 8 years.

The agreement was signed on October 18, 2023. The memorandum was signed by the president of the ICSD organization, Adam Kosa, and the president of DIFA, Iakov Frenkel.

Iakov Frenkel commented on the event: “This is a historic event for world football among the deaf. DIFA is a football team. This is very good for us and all deaf football fans. Preparation for any football and futsal championships for the deaf is very important. ICSD and DIFA specialists work on almost all issues of world federations. Another important area is the development of grassroots football among the deaf. There is also the topic of judging, holding competitions together with the ICSD. The importance and growing popularity of futsal was noted, and the parties agreed that it is necessary to pay serious attention to the development of women’s and children’s football.

Previously, the parties agreed on cooperation back in March 2023 during an online ZOOM meeting of the executive committee of the ICSD and DIFA.