Meetings in China Day 1 – 03/31/2023 OFFICE: Shanghai Football Association (SFA)…………………………………

Meetings in China  Day 1 – 03/31/2023  OFFICE: Shanghai Football Association (SFA)…………………………………

Meetings in China

Day 1 – 03/31/2023

OFFICE: Shanghai Football Association (SFA)

⁃ DIFA and SFA held a meeting and discussed the possibilities of holding events for the deaf in football and what kind of support is needed.

⁃ DIFA pointed out to the SFA that football for the deaf and football for the hearing are almost the same thing. The only difference is the referee with the flag, and you can easily prepare for this.

⁃ Football with special needs, for example, for the blind and disabled, is different from football for the deaf, because it has different requirements, and this was explained during the meeting.

Hearing coaches and judges can easily be involved in competitions for the deaf, since only small requirements need to be learned.

⁃ DIFA and SFA plan to hold events by 2024 after the SFA clarifies all the necessary details.

DIFA Office in China

⁃ DIFA visited the Chinese office of DIFA in Shanghai. We discussed the development needs of DIFA football in the world and in China.

⁃ Meeting with the Honorary President of DIFA Asia and a member of the People’s Political Consultative Council of China.

⁃ DIFA China plans to locate the DIFA headquarters in China.

One of the important steps to take is to create a market for trading, which is a big step because of the huge market in China.

⁃ DIFA China has a location that was an army base then turned into a DIFA facility, and several football fields are planned to be built there.

The President of DIFA Asia plans to hold 4 international football matches, the first of which will be held in Macau.

Day 2 – 01.04.2023

Mr. Cheng Tim Jin (TJ)

⁃ Met with Mr. T.J., a lawyer and director of WilberForce TJC Law Corporation. We have discussed many aspects of the laws related to DIFA. He spoke briefly about himself.

⁃ We discussed the possibilities of recruiting staff in DIFA China and opening an office in Shanghai. This may become possible after the DIFA headquarters is moved to Shanghai.

Day 3 – 02.04.2023

Mr. Ronnie’s Last day

On the last day of his stay in Shanghai, Mr. Ronnie was handed copies of documents with detailed information about financial requirements and a copy of the official DIFA certificate. Mr. Ronnie realized that at the same time, any financial support could be sent to the specified bank account number if they needed it.

Day 6 – 05.04.2023

Shenzhen Lescolton Electrical Appliance Company

– Meeting with Chairman Mr. Jianwen Liu and General Manager Mr. Genwen Liu of Shenzhen Lescolton Electrical Appliance Company and Mr. Xue Jianxiong, Vice President of Shenzhen Disabled Persons Sports Association. Lescolton, an electrical appliances company has a 14 years’ experience in its field, showed us a variety of electrical appliances and how advanced it became through the years.

– On the other hand, VP Mr. Xue Jianxiong discussed about the support they provide for the deaf football and about the football matches for the deaf and events that their association is holding annually. DIFA VP Mr. Jaber Alkandery informed the two parties that DIFA is ready to support mediawise and to be present in any official events in the future. Sign Language Interpreter Mr. Ahmed Alammar was present to translate the full conversation to both parties. Mr. Ahmed also exchanged contacts with the english translator for the company Ms. Laura Zhang for future cooperation with the comapny.