Meeting to talk about referees

Meeting to talk about referees

Today we discussed for the good preparation for the World Deaf Football Championships in Malaysia 2023 to have 60 referees including 5 FIFA referees and 5 deaf referees so in all there will be 65 referees to lead 24 men’s teams and 10 women’s teams.

Is the list was present
Mr Brice ALLAIN from France
Mr Jakov FRENKEL from Russia
Mr Chan KOK SHENG from Malaysia
Mr Yusri Ghani Mohd Yusri from Malaysia
Mr Haji Kassim KETUA, Head Referee from Malaysia
Mr Jean Claude DAHERON from France

Interpreter : Malaysia

Only 1 hour meeting

1- Introduction
2 – 4th WDFC report
3 – Referee
4 – Question

There will be referee training on September 22 to prepare good

I explained to Haji Kassim KETUA the football culture of the deaf that he knows well because he saw of the U21 World Deaf Futsal Championships

For example :
-Players don’t hear the whistle
-Players communicate in sign languages
-Players scream (it’s their culture)
-The referees must carry the flag like the audience to shake when there are faults.