Information from Astana for U21 Futsal

Information from Astana for U21 Futsal

The head of the Deaf International Football Association (DIFA), Iakov Frenkel, noted at the DIFA executive committee that it is quite possible to hold a world deaf futsal championships for youth or younger age groups in Kazakhstan, DIFA reports.

Frenkel shared his opinion that the countries of Central Asia are a very interesting region in terms of the development of football and futsal for the deaf over the past few decades.

We plan to visit delegates to Kazakhstan from January 24 to 28 for inspection.

World Deaf Futsal Championships, perhaps for youth, younger age groups, this is quite possible. But, of course, for this we need to work together with the Deaf Sports Federation.

We cannot simply say that we will organize and hold a world deaf futsal championships from June 1 to June 10, 2024 in Kazakhstan. We must have a certain strategy, we need a plan and regulations.

And you can certainly count on me and DIFA in general, on my team, that we are ready to work with you as a team to bring global events and events to Kazakhstan – 2024.

Applications for participation in the U21 world futsal championship for the deaf have already been submitted:

Futsal U21 at Astana Kazakhstan 1-10 June 2024

?? China (women and men)
?? Indonesia (women and men)
?? Kazakhstan (Women and Men)
?? Thailand (Men)
?? Ukraine (Men)
?? Uzbekistan (Men)
?? Azerbaijan (Men)
?? Brazil (Men)
?? Saudi Arabia (Men)
?? Kenya (Men)

Waiting for registration:
??????? Wales?
?? Irak ?

I call on all countries of the deaf sports federation and invite you to take part in the U21 junior world deaf futsal championships.

For any questions, please contact Mr. Brice ALLAIN.