How is the preparation for the Futsal World Cup…

How is the preparation for the Futsal World Cup…

How is the preparation for the Futsal World Cup 2022 in Warsaw, (Poland), August 15-20, 2022

On behalf of the Polish Deaf Sports Federation and DIFA, we welcome you to the international “DIFA World Futsal Championship 2022 for veterans over 40 years old: the expected prospects and legacy of a sporting event”.

A few days remain before the start of the futsal world championship for veterans 40+, which takes place in Warsaw (Poland). At the moment, all the work has been handed over to the Polish Sports Federation of the Deaf and DIFA, everything is ready for the start of such a large-scale event.

All the main work for the preparation and holding of the Futsal World Cup 2022 is coordinated by the Organizing Committee of the Deaf Sports Federation of Poland and the Deaf International Football Association (DIFA) to host the event. The activities of the Organizing Committee are provided by the Supervisory and Managing Boards, while their members have the right to combine work as DIFA Technical Director Brice Allain (France).

The training bases were pre-selected by the teams themselves. The Deaf Sports Federation of Poland prepared and did everything possible, but this is not a problem, since the bases can be used for their intended purpose.

I am sure that the World Cup will bring a lot of positive things to Poland.

In total, the Deaf Sports Federation and the Warsaw Sports Authority spent huge amounts of money to prepare for this large-scale event, from which the local budget was allocated.

The preparation, organization and holding of the World Futsal Championship among veterans 40+ is not only an honorable right, but also a huge expense.

DIFA is leading the program with a new formulation of the Federation’s core mission, which succinctly reads: “Develop the game, connect with the world, and build a better future.” The duty of DIFA, which understands football and futsal as “an integral part of society”, is to “initiate a concrete and positive contribution to sustainable development through football and futsal”.

There will be live broadcast every day from the sports arena.

And I also want to tell everyone about an important event, September 29, 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of the Polish Deaf Sports Federation. The Federation is preparing for this wonderful anniversary.

Come to Warsaw, welcome!!!