History of creation and success of DIFA

History of creation and success of DIFA

DIFA’s video and program to develop the world’s most popular sport began in 2011.

2011 marked the 12th anniversary of the founding of the International Deaf Football Association (DIFA).

ICSD and recently jointly DIFA hosted 4 World Deaf Football Championships in 2023, as well as many other world-class tournaments for youth, junior and women’s national teams, World Deaf Football and Futsal Championships.

One of the first steps was the creation of DIFA sports programs to train football personnel for national deaf football federations, including coaches, referees and managers. An important element of these programs was sponsorship from commercial organizations such as Tadeo.

DIFA, which has been organizing and supporting the largest international football and futsal competitions for more than 12 years. Yes, this topic may be necessary to understand why DIFA came into being in the first place and what forces contributed to its development. It must be said that there are many leaders of the sports federation and association of the deaf who help us develop football and futsal among the deaf. DIFA expresses its deep gratitude for the invaluable assistance.

What is DIFA?

Officially, the name of the organization sounds something like this – the international governing and controlling body of the association of football, beach soccer and futsal among the deaf. In fact, this is not the only such organization; There are “local” committees and regulatory bodies that organize football competitions between countries in limited regions such as Africa, Latin America, etc., however, they are not capable of organizing tournaments and championships on a planetary scale.

DIFA continues to help in the development of football and futsal in different countries.

This non-profit organization is now based in Moscow. DIFA function includes:

adjustments to football rules within international tournaments and championships.

The DIFA organization originated in Moscow, then the headquarters moved to France, but we will raise questions about this at the congress in the near future: Changes in the DIFA charter and the location of the headquarters…

History of the emergence and development of DIFA. Interesting facts, books and films…

History of the film-album

There are hundreds of documentary videos on the website, Facebook and YouTube, the quality and information vary. So far no one has bothered to make a normal film about the formation of DIFA. As a rule, only biographies of prominent people of the Association are written, but in general DIFA is open and diligent.