Highlights Semi-Finals

VIDEO: Highlights of Uzbekistan vs. Russia (Semifinal)

Semifinal matches of the U-18 World Deaf Futsal Championships were not as spectacular as the games in the group stage. However, the intensity and tension of these meetings were very high, the athletes experienced strong psychological pressure, the price of error is very high.

In the first semi-final, the victory of the team of Uzbekistan, which defeated the Russian team with a score of 3-2, brought effective individual actions of the leader Jaloliddin Karshiev. In the second half, with the score 1: 0 in favour of Russia, No. 11 equalized the score, and then made an excellent scoring pass to the partner who led the teams forward -2: 1. After such a blow, the Russians were knocked down and lost the match.

VIDEO: Highlights of Sweden vs. Germany (Semifinal)

The second semi-final also took place in a very hard struggle. Both teams tried to eliminate the risk. Team Germany at the expense of more high-end players led the game with the 1st number, the Swedes bet on discipline and defence. Despite the missed goal, in the second third of the second half, the Swedish team used two half-moments and broke the course of the meeting – 2: 1.

Thus, in the finals of the World Cup teams from two continents meet – Europe and Asia.

The Results of Men’s Futsal Matches of U-18 WDFCs

1 December, Friday

Kazakhstan 8:3 Indonesia (7th and 8th Place)
Thailand 6:1 Kuwait (5th and 6th Place)

2 December, Saturday

Thailand 3:5 China (Women’s)
Uzbekistan 3:2 Russia
Germany 2:1 Sweden

3 December. Sunday

At 10:00 (10:00 am) Russia vs. Germany (for 3rd and 4th PLACE) (LIVE)

At 13:00 (1:00 pm) Uzbekistan vs. Sweden (for 1st and 2nd PLACE)

LIVE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/chann…/UCcZfuHW0wfAapbT0jfVuxYQ/live