Highlights of Match THAILAND vs. GERMANY and SWEDEN vs. KUWAIT

Highlights of MEN’s Match THAILAND vs. GERMANY

On 28 November, the most spectacular match of the U-18 World Deaf Futsal Championship was the match between Germany and Thailand. In this match was determined the loser of the group stage, so the game was full of intense struggle and dangerous moments. Yielding 1:3 after first half, the hosts managed to level the score, but to keep it could not. Affected more high discipline the players of the German team in the game in defense and successful action forwards in attack.

The result 5:3 in favor of the German national team, and Thais will fight for 5-8 places.

Highlights of MEN’s Match SWEDEN vs. KUWAIT

A much more dramatic match of the national teams of Sweden and Kuwait. The southerners, having in its composition only one reserve player, took advantage of the mistakes of the Swedish defence and the middle of the second half led 2:1. But to keep this account they failed, after the stupid violation of the rules associated with the incorrect replacement of the player, the national team of Kuwait at 2 minutes left, the three of us, and eventually without a backup player. It was enough for the Swedes to turn the tide of the match and win. The outcome of the meeting 5:2 in favor of the Swedes.