General information about different competitions

General information about different competitions

1) August 12-20, 2022 – 1st Futsal World Futsal Cup for veterans 40+ (men), Poland.

2) December 5-16, 2022 – 1st Futsal U21 World Futsal Cup (juniors and girls), Malaysia.

3) July 7-19, – 4th DIFA World Football Cup (men and women) with 24 teams, Korea

4) February-March – 1st U23 World Football Cup (juniors and girls), Thailand.

Of course, especially since many of their teams are unable to play due to financial difficulties.

Recall that it was known in advance that it was decided to discuss restrictions on some national federations, taking into account the removal of the national teams of Russia and Belarus.

The Argentina national team cannot take part in the Futsal World Cup due to an unsettled financial result in Poland.

Dear futsal fans, which has the exclusive authority to host the Futsal World Cup in Poland, granted by the Deaf International Association Football, invites you to participate in the Futsal Veterans World Cup +40. The Futsal World Cup starts on August 12, 2022…

We are waiting for you. Welcome!