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Football number 1 Football number 1 Football number 1
Football number 1
All the main work on the preparation and holding of the Futsal World Cup – 2022 is coordinated by the organizing committee of the Deaf Sports Federation of Poland and the International Deaf Football Association (DIFA) for the 1st DIFA Futsal World Cup among veterans 40+. The activities of the organizing committee are provided by the Supervisory Board and the Board, while their members have the right to combine work as the technical director of DIFA Football Brice Allain (France).
At the first start, more than 24 teams from the country applied for participation in the first Futsal World Championship for veterans 40+-2022. Now only 8 teams will take part in it.
Reason: This is because of the big financial problems that some deaf sports federations have accumulated. These countries have previously been distinguished by various excesses in the sport of the deaf.
In my opinion, the current system of financing sports teams has practically exhausted its possibilities and is one of the main reasons for the deplorable financial situation of most sports federations. But we believe in the future, We will make our holiday of sports and football successful.
– Sport and activity are an important part of our sports for the deaf. …Sport is the desire to achieve results. Each game is an event not only for teams, but also for fans who care about their colleagues.