DIFA Office

DIFA Office

In 2011-2023, millions of Deaf football fans had great love, great respect for Deaf International Football Association (DIFA), which the football world supports with its innumerable number.

And the idea came – the creation of the DIFA.

In addition, there was one more thing – many countries that are the founders of this great idea.
They were firmly convinced that the leaders were leading a football program for the Deaf in the world.
I believe that some readers frowned a little at this moment — they have already heard something similar somewhere.

He is the champion of the USSR and Russia in football for the Deaf, as well as the winner of the USSR championship, and the winner for the winners of the 1977 Deaflympic Games in Romania was Iakov Frenkel, who from 1999 to 2006 headed the Russian Association of Deaf Football, was the coach of the winner of the 1991 European Championship in Belgium, also the winner of the champion of the Deaflympics in women’s football – 2017 in Samsun, Turkey, and later became DIFA President.

Aroused great interest in the press. Journalists rushed to the interview, but our members of the executive committee of DIFA did not know or hear the language, and modestly kept silent. For some reason they were dubbed “the twelve silent ones in leather raincoats”, although the football delegation consisted of 11 men and one woman named: Ms. Elvira Ligai, she is very beautiful, knows International Sign (IS), but answered all questions in monosyllables — “yes or No”. For which she received the nickname Elvira the Silent from the press, then it turned out that she loved football terribly and, flying away, said that she would go to the stadium on her own.

And I also want to say about the sport of the ICSD Director of Football: Brice Allain who is from France, he is very well versed in the legal rules of FIFA, and also actively communicates with all countries.
The DIFA Congress was held as part of the 3rd DIFA Congress.

The DIFA uboard members for 2022-2026 is formed as follows:
President: Iakov Ffenkel (Russia),
1st Vice President: Brice Allain (France),
2nd Vice President: Turki Alshehri Ali (Saudi Arabia),
3rd Vice President: Jaber A. Hussein (Kuwait)
Members at Large – Steven Waveru (Kenya),
Dmytro Ukrainets (Ukraine),
Elvira Ligay (Uzbekistan),
ONG Shin Ruen (Malaysia),
Secretary-General: Jean-Pierre Valerie Pema (Cameroon),
Treasurer : Dominique Soares (France),

Ahmad Alamar, Personal Secretary of the President and sign language interpreter.