DIFA meeting

DIFA meeting

Watch video of the meeting 1\08\2023

Brice ALLAIN invites you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Draft agenda:

– Report on the decisions taken at the meeting of the Board in Haikou (excerpts).
– Approval of the dates for the competitions for 2027 and 2031, the world deaf championships in football, futsal.
– Tadeo for Malaysia
-Then meeting for DIFA about Haikou(Cnina) and all administration.

Participated in the meeting

Philip Allain from France
Vassili BALLE from France
Brise ALLAIN – 12:00 from France (VP)
Turks All – 13:00 from Saudi Arabia (VP)
Jaber Alkandery – 13:00 from Kuwait (VP)
Jean Pierre – 11:00 from Cameroon (Secretary)
Ligay Elvira – 15:00 from Uzbekistan (Member)
Dmytro UKRAINETS – 13:00 from Ukraine (Member)
Steven Waveru – 13:00 from Kenya (Member)
Dominique Soares – 12:00 from France (Treasury)