DIFA International Futsal Tournament for Deaf Women

International Futsal tournament for Deaf women., which was held in Moscow, Russia from 26 to 28 October 2016, was attended by teams: the teams of France, Russia, “Youth of Moscow” and “Torpedo” futsal clubs.

For three days the tournament matches were held in an indoor arena of Moscow “New League-Sport”, and the international tournament was an incredible spectacle for fans who had the opportunity to see their idols.

DIFA, as the part of organising committee, appreciated objective and professional arbitration of matches, presence at the games of the doctor, photos and video games, interviews with leading players.

Following the tournament in 2016 the leadership of the DIFA determined the best players of the tournament received prizes and the winning teams received trophies.

DIFA expresses gratitude to the leadership of the sports school “Youth of Moscow” for assistance in organization of the international tournament, and the volunteers for their active assistance.