DIFA Football Summit in Haikou

DIFA Football Summit in Haikou

The DIFA Football Summit was held in Haikou, Hainan Province, China.

The event was attended by DIFA President Yakov Frenkel, DIFA Secretary General Jean Valeru Pehma, heads of sports and football federations of neighboring countries, as well as senior officials of national associations of various DIFA member federations.

The DIFA summit was held at a good level and with good results.

The DIFA Summit and the DIFA Extraordinary Congress began in Haikou, and the DIFA Charter and the format of the DIFA Club World Cup were revised.

The issue of changing the DIFA charter was put to a vote. Based on the voting results, the majority of summit participants voted in favor of changing the DIFA charter.

Celebrated 100 years of deaf football.

They opened the DIFA medical building, where they examined the delegates.

DIFA thanks cameraman Pavel Voch for his excellent video work

The World Deaf Football Summit was successfully held at the Southern Training Base of Chinese Football in Mission Hills, Haikou, Hainan Province, China.

Soccer and sports federations from all over the world were represented at the highest levels and represented. We discussed the future development of Deaf soccer around the world.”

Participants also visited the Museum of History of Deaf Football in Hainan Province, located in Mission Hills New Town, Haikou. The museum is an important base for the patriotic deaf movement and traditional soccer in Hainan Province.

Inside the pavilion, one can see the colorful history of deaf soccer, the significant achievements and valuable experiences of WINDS in Hainan, as well as an important showcase and tourist attraction showcasing local customs and culture.

Mr. Zhu Dingyao, Vice Chairman of Mission Hills Group, said in his speech that we will seize the opportunity of the opening of China Football (South) training base in Mission Hills, Hainan, and the ongoing construction of Hainan Free Trade Port to deepen strategic cooperation with like-minded partners to enhance the inclusiveness of the sport, popularize deaf soccer, and lead and innovate to take this beautiful sport to the next level.

The DIFA sports summit will be held in the southern Chinese province of Hainan, the city of Hakou, in which delegates from the Deaf Sports and Football Federation will take part.

This was reported by the Hoikau information portal.

A special project about the future of football for deaf people around the world.

The Hainan Provincial Football History Museum is an important base of patriotic, sports and traditional football for the deaf, an important window to showcase local conditions, and an important tourist attraction.

The delegation and their entourage will enter the exhibition hall and listen to lecturers talking about the colorful history of deaf football, the significant achievements and valuable experiences of WINDS in Hainan Province.