Cups and medals for 4th WDFC

Cups and medals for 4th WDFC

4th World Deaf Football Championships in Malaysia.

The 4th World Deaf Football Championships, also referred to as the DIFA World Cup in conjunction with the ICSD, is the premier international football competition. The championship is held by the governing body of world football – DIFA, and men’s and women’s teams of ICSD and DIFA member countries from all continents can participate in it. The finals of the 4th World Deaf Football Championships are held every 4 years, as is the Deaflympics. The final tournament, which takes place every 4 years for 2 weeks in a pre-selected host country, is attended by 24 men’s and 9 women’s teams. Of these, 23 teams received such a right following the results of the draw and the national team of the host country.

Deaf Football Championship Awards.

Following the results of the final tournament of the championship, several team awards are given to players who take 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.