After the WDFC, Thank you

After the WDFC, Thank you

Thanks to the organizer of the Malaysian Deaf Sports Association , all the teams, DIFA members and the ICSD Vice President! Thanks for the wonderful games! Thank you for an unforgettable holiday!

Yes, unfortunately, some teams lost. But we all won!

Millions of people gasped watching every game the team played online, on the website and on television. Today the national team is greeted with well-deserved applause in all countries and cities. And tomorrow you will go in a completely different way, to new ones, built especially for the World Deaf football championships Because pride is back.

What great deaf football players and many others have achieved in football arenas.

They didn’t just give us a holiday. They didn’t just bring real football back to Malaysian stadiums. The one you want to root for until you are hoarse, even for those who were indifferent just yesterday.

They proved that real men have character. They made everyone believe that, no matter what, they could and should win. Not only in football. Win in life. Don’t give in to difficulties and failures. Believe in yourself. Believe in every team. Believe in your country.

Thanks to all the teams – this is exactly the kind of football we need!

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the organizers of the best World Deaf Football Championships, which took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

THANK YOU to everyone and you have proven and shown to the whole world what world football among the deaf is!

Emotions, experiences, tears of joy: millions of fans from all over the world – we were all united in the celebration of deaf football!