About 2020

About 2020
In the outgoing 2020, the most popular word was probably coronavirus, a dangerous disease that brought a lot of trouble in various spheres of people’s lives. In addition to the virus itself, which has undermined the lives and health of many, the epidemic also hit the financial situation of citizens, not to mention emotional fatigue. But what she definitely won’t be able to influence is the coming of the New Year 2021 – the most magical holiday in all countries of the world. Let’s chase COVID-19 away with kind, funny and cheerful New Year greetings !.
DEAF INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION (DIFA) congratulates all fans, football players, coaches, leaders and employees of the federation with the coming Christmas and New Year.
May 2021 bring you prosperity, more smiles, warmth and light, pleasant impressions and joyful events.
We wish you unforgettable victories, vivid emotions, reliable people nearby and achievement of all your goals.
I wish you health, family happiness and new achievements!