Uzbekistan of Men’s beat Sweden to win U-18 World Deaf Futsal Championships

VIDEO: Highlights of MEN’s for 3rd PLACE Match GERMANY vs. RUSSIA – 3 December 2017

The match for 3rd and 4th places, in which the teams of Germany and Russia met, was full of surprises. At the very beginning of the game, Russian players dominated, scoring a goal. In the middle of the game, the initiative passed to the Germans, who equalised, and then led in the account after successful strikes from an average distance – 2:1. In the middle of the second half, after the removal of the captain of the Russian team, the German team increased the advantage – 3:1.

It seemed like the game was over. However, the Russian team, left without a captain, showed strong-willed qualities and managed to “return to the game”, scoring 3 goals in the final 10 minutes. 3:4 – the Russian team is the bronze medalist of the championship.

VIDEO: Highlights of MEN’s for FINAL Match UZBEKISTAN vs. SWEDEN – 3 December 2017

According to all the laws of the genre, the most intense was the final match for gold, in which the teams of Uzbekistan and Sweden met. The European team played in its style, strictly from defences, the Asian team preferred an attacker, combinational style. It is impossible not to note the high intensity and psychological tension of the game, it is in such matches that young men become men. Both teams were so equal that to determine the champion had to resort to extra time, the main game time ended with a score of 1:1.

The Uzbek attack regularly got stuck and fell into the protective order of the Swedes, who were eager to counterattack quickly and quickly return back. But still, in this match, the attack defeated the defence and the Uzbek team became the world champion, which in extra time “squeezed” the opponent – a victory with the score 4:2.

3rd and 4th PLACE: Russia 4:3 Germany

FINAL: Uzbekistan 3:2 (2:2) Sweden

1st – Uzbekistan
2nd – Sweden
3rd – Russia
4th – Germany
5th – Thailand
6th – Kuwait
7th – Kazakhstan
8th – Indonesia