4th Meeting to prepare for 4WDFC

4th Meeting to prepare for 4WDFC

Present for the meeting : 4TH meeting on Tuesday, May 30

Agenda :
-Delegate notebook
-Ball (Adidas)

Ralph FERNANDEZ (ICSD Director) from USA
Brice ALLAIN from France
Iakov FRENKEL from Russia
Turki AL SHEHRI from Saudi
Yusri Ghani Mohd Yusri from Malaysia
Dominique SOARES from France
Tan Kim Huat from Malaysia
Chan KOK SHEN from Malaysia

Absent for reason :
Jean Claude DAHERON from France
Théophane NANA from France

Question :
Iakov :
-Need the program of the ceremony so it is the organizer to prepare
-About the 250 balloons that the organizer must organize well also the delegates must watch
-we have a meeting with the boss of the referee

Turki :
-what date delegates must be present to start working it is prevented from September 21 to October 8
-I will be delegate for two matches of 4:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. so I send it to Brice the match sheet by taking a photo by mobile then at the end I bring the original back on site

-If the referee and the delegate are not compatible on the score sheet I have to discuss with the person in charge of the abitre to solve the problem

-About thunder or lightning how it happens, We have to study about this which is very important and we will discuss with the boss of the aribtres

There are various exchanges of questions that you can see on the video

Thank you for participating in preparing well for the event, which is very important to our professional work.