3rd meeting with the referees

3rd meeting with the referees

Attended 3 meetings: (Monday 30 July).

Mr. Brice ALLAIN from France (Football Director of the ICSD),
Mr. Yusri Ghani Mohd Yusri from Malaysia (OC Malaysia),
Mr. Chan KOK SHENG from Malaysia (OC Malaysia),
Mr. Jason TAYLOR from Scotland (Referee),
Mr. Nicholas SHLI from Australia (Referee),
Mr. Nino LANTINK from the Netherlands (Referee),
Mr. Andrew KIRST from USA (Referee),
Mr. Paul KIRBY from England (Referee).

Didn’t show up for the meeting due to a reasonable request:

Mr. Ricardo SCHEUERER from Germany (Referee),
Mr. Yakov FRENKEL from Russia (DIFA President),
Mr. Herbert KANAI from Austria (Referee President of EDRU).

OC: – responsibility for accommodation with full board,

– about internal transport (from September 21 to October 8, 2023), hotel (Summit USJ, Subang aya http://summithotelusj.com/)
– Judges must arrive from September 21 for referee training within 2 days,
– The championship starts from September 23 to October 7, 2023,
– Delegate (DIFA).

See you soon in Malaysia.