Following the meeting of the DIFA Executive Committee, a decision was made to hold the World Deaf Futsal Championships for boys under 21 in 2024 in Astana (Kazakhstan).

Thus, Kazakhstan will host the World Deaf Futsal Championships U21 for the first time under the auspices of DIFA and ICSD.

The Deaflympics Committee of Kazakhstan and the Deaf Football and Futsal Federation of Kazakhstan have committed themselves to holding the World Futsal Championships in the country, which, I am sure, will be organized at a high level.

Ahead of the start of the Deaf Under-21 World Futsal Championships, which will be held in Kazakhstan this year, DIFA has decided to please the Deaf Sports Federation and fans with a new video. This video not only explains the basics of our favorite game, but also shows off all the colorful arenas.

In June, the best of the best young football players will defend the honor of their country on the court and decide which of them is worthy of the title of champion. In the meantime, we can only wait and tune in to beautiful futsal performed by the best young masters from all over the world.

Regulations applying the rules established by FIFA to all competitions organized by national associations and federations.

Promotion of a sporting event is very important for both the sports federation and the fans.

The second world deaf futsal championships for juniors under 21 will be held in the arenas of the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana.

Opening of the world Futsal Championships for the deaf under 21, June 01-10, 2024, ASTANA – ARENA.

This, in particular, was discussed at a meeting at the arena on January 26 by the President of the Football and Futsal Federation of the Deaf, Meirambek Makhambetov, and the head of DIFA, Iakov Frenkel.

From 25 to 28 January 2024, a DIFA delegation visited Kazakhstan to inspect all proposed facilities, hotels and infrastructure. Business meetings with the Ministry of Sports, the Paralympic Committee and sports authorities

Kazakhstan is implementing joint programs with DIFA to develop football and futsal and broadly involve youth.