100th Anniversary of Deaf Sports

100th Anniversary of Deaf Sports

Day of the 100th anniversary of deaf sports! This is a significant date for all lovers of physical education, sports and a healthy lifestyle among the deaf, personifying a whole century of legendary sports triumphs and bright victories of the inhabitants of the planet at the most important sporting competitions!

DIFA (Deaf International Football Association) congratulates everyone on the great holiday – the 100th anniversary of the ICSD.

Let us recall that on August 10, 1924, a sports council among the deaf was created in Paris, and from that time the sporting achievements of the ICSD began.

“The ICSD project is an opportunity for everyone to touch the history of ICSD sports, add a piece of themselves to it and make a truly personal story.”

ICSD can rightfully be proud of the rich history of deaf sports. 2024 marks the 100th anniversary of deaf sports in Paris, France.

This remarkable event represents 100 years of world sports history, a century of legendary sporting triumphs and outstanding victories in which the names of many deaf athletes are immortalized.