Visit to Kuwait Sport Club for the deaf

Visit to Kuwait Sport Club for the deaf

Members of the Deaf International Football Association (DIFA) have praised Kuwait’s willingness to host business meetings. Over the course of five days, DIFA members visited Kuwait. The delegation was headed by DIFA President Iakov Frenkel. During the visit, he and DIFA members met with the director of the Kuwait Ministry of Sports.

The meeting schedule turned out to be very busy.

DIFA members stayed in Kuwait for only a few hours, but managed to inspect not only the building of the Ministry of Sports, where the new stadium will be built, but also the hotels of the city.

DIFA members visited NBK Bank and held useful meetings with the bank’s sports director.

In addition, Kuwait organizers organized a large cultural program for DIFA members.

We also visited the Global Deaf Sports Club in Kuwait. In a conversation with the head of the Kuwait deaf sports club, the DIFA president noted that he regards the very fact of holding the current meeting in the sports complex, which is the largest in Central Asia, as a tribute of special respect, as well as football and futsal among the deaf in Kuwait.

And especially DIFA expresses gratitude to DIFA Vice President Jaber Alkandery and international sign language interpreter Ahmed Alamar for their wonderful hospitality.