Deaf International Football Association Congress

Deaf International Football Association Congress

The Deaf International Football Association (DIFA) Congress, the third in a row, will be held in July 2023 in accordance with the DIFA constitution.

DIFA will hold a global date on the international calendar in conjunction with ICSD. It is noted that DIFA, together with 56 member associations, will discuss the “future of deaf football” with the aim of reaching the national teams in the international calendar for men’s and women’s football and futsal.

We inform you that DIFA will study the issue of holding the world championships for men’s and women’s teams every four years.

The members of DIFA will then consider the final championships and (Cup) of the world football and futsal from 2022 to 2023. We will also discuss the future of deaf football after receiving details from DIFA and ICSD on the ongoing memorandum process. The meeting of the 3rd Congress of the Deaf International Football Association (DIFA) will be held in July 2023. The date and venue of the DIFA Congress will be announced. It will present a report on the work of the DIFA organization for 2017-2023. The agenda of the upcoming meeting of the DIFA Congress includes several items, most of which are of a protocol nature. DIFA to announce the agenda of the DIFA Congress after the Futsal Deaf World Cup in Malaysia.