The 24th Anniversary of the Deaflympics in Football

The 24th Anniversary of the Deaflympics in Football

The 24th Anniversary of the Deaflympics in Football, often referred to simply as the World Championship, is hosted by the International Sports Committee of the Deaf to host competitions involving male and female national teams of members of the International Sports Committee for the Deaf (ICSD), the global governing body for sports for the deaf.

Deaflympics in football have been held every four years since the opening of the tournament in 1924, with the exception of 1942 and 1946, when they were not held due to World War II.

The reigning champions are the Turkish men’s team, who won their second title at the 2017 tournament in Turkey. And the women’s team of Russia is the winner of the Deaflympics in Turkey – 2017.

In 2021, by decision of TD Football, the ICSD has determined which teams are eligible to participate in the Deaflympics in Caxias do Sul, Brazil. The 24th Deaflympics featured 20 men’s and 5 women’s teams, including auto-qualified host nations that competed for the title.

The host countries of the Deaflympics Football Games are selected several years before the start of one or another global scale at a special meeting of the Congress or the ICSD Executive Committee.

The trophy was won by 21 national teams. England have won six times and Yugoslavia have won five in a row. Other Deaflympics winners are Italy, USSR, Turkey and Ukraine with two titles. Germany, Russia, Romania, Greece and France were the winners with one title.

Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Denmark, Sweden and the United States have hosted twice, and France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Yugoslavia, Romania, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Turkey and Brazil once each. Brazil hosted the 2022 games.

The Deaflympics Football Games are the most prestigious football tournament in the world and also the most popular sporting event in the world.

20 men’s and 5 women’s countries took part in the Summer Deaflympics Football Games in Caxias do Sul (Brazil) from 1 to 15 May 2022.

Men’s teams were the best:

1st place was taken by the team of Ukraine

2nd place was taken by the team of France

3rd place was taken by the Turkish team

Women’s teams were the best:

1st place team USA

2nd place was taken by the team of Poland

3rd place was taken by the team of Brazil

The Deaflympics in football is the main football tournament and victory in it is the dream of every football player. At the Deaflympics, players defend the flag and coat of arms of their country and do their best to glorify their homeland. In this article, I have made a compilation of all the finals of the Deaflympics, starting from the very first draw. I wrote a book about this archive of all seasons and champion statistics from 1924 to 2017.

Video of the Deaflympisc Football Games from 30.04. – 15.05.2022

Thank you ICSD and OC Caxias do Sul for providing materials, information and good media.