ICSD Extraordinary Congress 28-29 November 2021

Lausanne, Switzerland – ICSD Extraordinary Congress 28-29 November 2021

Despite the new highly transmitted COVID-19 variant from some regions, 53 from 116 member countries, as well as two associate members from 4 members, called the International Deaf Sports Federation (IDSF). Only two of IDSF members, DIFA and DIBF, participated at the ICSD Extraordinary Congress. In the Congress, there were translated by two high-level interpreters and ZOOM video conference provided remotely for those members who couldn’t be able to come.

In short, within 2 days of heated debates and discussions the results were:

– The financial audit for 2013-2019 was approved;

– Sports Reform was approved (Version B, 2021) plus a modified version by IDSF members. It means that IDSF (DIBF, DIFA, ICCD, and WDGF) are able to host the world championships, make new suggestions/modifications, and can only vote by one vote from each organisation;

– The 24th Summer Deaflympics will finally be held in Caxias do Sul, Brazil, in May 2022;

-The next Winter Deaflympics are still being discussed and will be announced at the beginning of the New Year;

– The only presidential candidate

nominated by Gustavo Perazzolo who is currently being selected;

– The newly elected Executive Board is valid for one year (till on 29 November 2022);

– The next IDSF, World Deaf Ice Hockey Federation (WDIHF), will be discussed the next congress after compilling all documents and reviewed by Executive Board. Needless to say, the previous congress in Italy, mainly ICSD members were voted for WDIHF to join and become as the 5th associate member (IDSF);

– Resume cooperation with the IOC (International Ilympic Committee);

– And other questions.

As President of DIFA, I would say to thank to ICSD members who supported and voted for a long-awaited Sports Reform. Most of the 39 members presented in the Congress supported for the Sports Reform, only one member was against it.

President of ICSD – Gustavo Perazzolo (Brazil)

Vice President of World Sports – Yutako Osugi (Japan)

Vice President of Youth Sports – David Lanesman (Israel)

Members at Large – Yakup Kihtir (Turkey), Kristian Lantto (Finland), Adam Kosa (Hungary) and Alexandra Polivanchuk (Sweden).

DIFA will continue to cooperate with ICSD as well as major organisations such as IFA7, FIFA and other sports organizations.