Futsal U21 Championships 2023 team draw in Astana

Futsal U21 Championships 2023 team draw in Astana

“I was very happy to be back in Astana (Kazakhstan) for the Futsal U21 Championships 2023 team draw in the near future. It really is a great place that is perfect for this growing sport. We have received incredible support from the Department of Sports Development, Tourism and CPR of Kazakhstan and local residents, which once again proves the correctness of the DIFA decision by choosing Kazakhstan as the host. DIFA wishes good luck to all interested teams and looks forward to the start of the tournament in 2024.

DIFA looks to the future with interest and is confident that the popularity of the championships will grow and attract more and more fans and motivate Kazakhstanis and the region as a whole to lead an active lifestyle.”

Futsal U21 Championships 2023 will be held from 1 to 10 June 2024. in Astana (Kazakhstan) and promises to be a grand sporting event. The tournament will be held under the slogan “A home for legends for every day” and will demonstrate how popular futsal is in the world. In turn, Astana will attract the attention of players and fans with its sights and cultural aspects. It will also highlight how important the game is to amateur athletes and give talented players the opportunities and recognition they deserve. The main goal is to show viewers the importance of playing outside of professional sports and draw attention to the talents and skills that exist in the futsal community. In the near future, the sports director of DIFA will send a letter and application form No. 1.

I hope all countries will be able to apply for the U21 Futsal Championships.