Beautiful women’s final

Beautiful women’s final

With the victory of the USA team on October 6, 2023, the women’s world deaf football championships in Malaysia ended.

In the final, the USA played the Turkish women – the match became historic for both teams. Women’s football, of course, lags behind men’s in terms of status; it is still a semi-professional sport, but the 2023 World Deaf Football Championships is the culmination of interest in it.

And in this sport it’s only now that everything really begins.

The women’s teams of the USA and Turkey competed for the gold medals.

The Turkish national team failed to beat the strongest USA team at the World Deaf Football Championship with a score of 0:3 and took an honorable 2nd place.

Few of the fans gathered at the stadium in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, the fans and millions of television viewers expected such a start to the back-to-back matches.