49th ICSD Congress on September 10, 2022 in Austria

49th ICSD Congress on September 10, 2022 in Austria

The second day of the 49th ICSD Congress on September 10, 2022 at NH Hotel Vienna in Austria was marked by a crucial point which is the election of members of the ICSD Bureau for a period of 3 years so the election was coordinated by ICSD LEGAL COMMISSION and the results of the vote are as follows: PRESIDENT: ADAM KOSA (HUNGARY) 37 votes, DMITRI REBROV 11 votes and GUSTAVO PERRAZOLO 10 Votes. As result, Mr. ADAM KOSA ( HUNGARY) is officially elected new ICSD PRESIDENT.

The election of the ICSD VICE PRESIDENT WORLD SPORT involved 2 candidates namely RALPH FERNANDEZ (USA) and YUTAKA OSUGI (JAPAI) and the result of the vote is as follows: YUTAKA OSUGI 47 votes and RALPH FERNANDEZ 11 votes resulting from the election of Mr. YUTAKA OSUGI (JAPAN) as ICSD VICE PRESIDENT FOR WORLD SPORT.

For the election of the ICSD VICE PRESIDENT FOR YOUTH SPORT Mr. DAVID LANESMAN (Israel) being the only candidate in the running and the result of the vote is not unanimous because the congress by a vote of NO with 33 votes and YES with 24 which disqualifies Mr. DAVID Lanesman as the position of the ICSD Vice President for youth sport

For the election of 4 ICSD MEMBER AT LARGE 7 candidates in the running so 4 were elected they are: POLIVANCHUK ALEXANDRA (S SWEDEN), MARK KUSIAK ( CANADA), SAMUELI PIER ALEXANDRO ( ITALY) and JANIEC JAROSLAW ( POLAND)

The ICSD Congress has just concluded in Vienna, Austria with 58 participating countries including DIFA represented by Iakov Frenkel (President).
We share the main news, including the results of the elections to the Council.
Sailing has been accepted into the Summer Deaflympics and the 2029 Games will be their first participation.
Japan has been confirmed as the host country for the 2025 Summer Deaflympics (November 15-26).
Summer Deaflympics 2029 – Greece and Spain are considering applying.
The Asia-Pacific Deaf Games will be held in Iran in 2024 (dates to be confirmed, but most likely in September or October).
Two countries are considering hosting the World Youth Games for the Deaf in 2024 – Brazil. Winter Deaflympics will be held in Innsbruck (Austria)-2024.
Board election results:
President: Adam Kosa (Hungary)
World Sports Vice President: Yutaka Osugi (Japan)
Vice President of Youth Sports: Vacancy
Members of the board as a whole: Jarosław Janiec (Poland); Mark Kusiak (Canada); Alexandra Polivanchuk (Sweden); Alexandro Pier Samueli (Italy).
The European Deaf Sports Organization (EDSO) has published a book on the deaf movement in Europe. Full of history and photos of deaf sporting events, including John Lovett when he was president of CISS (now ICSD).
More news about the World Cup and other decisions coming soon.
49th ICSD Congress, Vienna, Austria
On September 9 and 10, 2022, the ICSD congress took place in the Austrian city of Vienna.
On behalf of DIFA, DIFA President Yakov Frenkel arrived at the ICSD congress and represented the interests of our issues.
It was a hard and long day. Starts immediately after breakfast at 9:30 am. And so on until 20:00/21:00, after the ICSD Congress there was dinner. Many proposals and proposals were discussed and put to a vote. Juergen Endress, Secretary of the Deaf Basketball Federation, answered our questions and all congress delegates voted 90%.
Current ICSD Constitution:
Associate members of the IDSF have the right to vote, the right to nominate candidates, may make proposals and participate in the work of the Congress.
Sports reform regulations of the ICSD – Version A:
– Associate members of IDSF have the right to:
– make proposals, participate in discussions and vote in the Congress at which they were present.
– Holding competitions (world championships and tournaments) approved by the ICSD and the ICSD Congress.
– sports calendar that has priority.
– Associate members of the IDSF appoint a person as the sports director of their sport.
Regulations on the ICSD Secretariat – Version B:
– Full, associate and honorary members and regional sports confederations of the deaf have the right to participate in discussions at the convention in which they participate.
-Only full members of the IDSF have the right to vote, submit proposals and nominate
candidates for members of the Management Board and commissions.
– Each full member must have one (1) vote. They are only eligible to vote if they are in good standing and are present at the Congress.
Important points for athletes are:
Theme: Winter Deaflympics – a sport – sports competitions that are held on snow and ice.
Sailing will be officially included in the program of the Deaflympics from 2029. Chess will be excluded from the Winter Deaflympics and included in the program of the Summer Deaflympics from 2029.
Sports “Water polo” did not receive support to return to the program of the Deaflympics.
And finally, important information:
Events for the coming years were presented and discussed.
The ICSD Congress was very impressed by the clear message of the Japanese delegation regarding the 2025 Deaflympics. The Deaflympics will be held in Tokyo from 15 to 26 November 2025. The ICSD Congress agreed with the delegations of Tokyo, and the ICSD Executive Committee immediately handed over the flag of the Deaflympics to the Japanese delegation.
Austria has proposed hosting the 2023 Winter Deaflympics, but elections for local governors are still due at the end of September 2022. If supported, they will take place in January 2024 in Innsbruck.
South Korea has also announced that it intends to host the 2027 Winter Deaflympics.
Spain and Greece have said they want to host the 2029 Summer Deaflympics. But they will still get their bearings, and at the next congress the ICSD will provide more information.
Also new is the holding of the World Youth Games for the Deaf.
The first youth games will be held in Brazilian São Paulo in 2024. The delegation of Taiwan proposed the possibility of holding the second games in 2027 in Taipei.
Finally, the elections took place.
Until 2025, there were 4 candidates for the presidency.
The current president of the ICSD is Gustavo Perrasolo de Araujo from Brazil. Dmitry Rebrov from Russia, who is also the CEO of ICSD. Adam Kosa from Hungary and Grigor Grigoryan from Armenia also ran for president. The vote was ready shortly after the first round. According to the Charter of the ICSD, the candidate who receives more than 30 votes becomes the winner. Adam Kosa received 37 votes, Dmitry Rebrov 11, Gustavo Perrasollo 10, and Grigor Grigoryan received no votes at all.
Adam Kosa from Hungary is the 13th President of the ICSD.
Yutaka Osugi from Japan
Yutaka Osugi of Japan may remain in his current position as Vice President of World Sports. He defeated Ralph Fernandez of the US by 47 votes, who received only 10 votes.
David Lanesman was the only nominee for VP of Youth Sports but unfortunately fell short of 33 votes meaning he was not allowed to continue and left the ICSD.
Aleksandra Polivanchuk from Sweden, Yaroslav Janets from Poland, Mark Kusak from Canada and Pier Aleksandra Polivanchuk from Sweden and Pier Alessandro Samueli from Italy were elected as board members.
The Japanese delegation made an extensive presentation.
Below is an overview of sports facilities.
Komazawa Stadium – Opening/Closing + Athletics
Tokyo Budokan – judo, karate, taekwondo
Tokyo subway – swimming
Japan Bicycle Center – Shizuoka Prefecture – Cycling and mountain biking
Wakasu Golf Links – Golf
Big bowl Higashi-Yamato – Bowling
J Village Fukushima Prefecture – Football
Sports: athletics, football, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, handball, badminton, wrestling, karate, judo, taekwondo, swimming, tennis, beach volleyball, cycling, mountain biking, bowling, golf, orienteering and shooting.