2nd DIFA Congress Ends With Clear Vision

Bangkok, Thailand – On 29 November 2017, in the conference hall at the Twin Towers hotel hosted the 2nd Deaf International Football Association (DIFA) Congress.

The event was attended by delegates from 16 countries: Bahrain, China, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan.

During the Congress delegates heard a report of the President and the Executive Committee of the DIFA on the outcome of the organisation’s activities from 2011 to 2017, adopted changes to the Charter of the organization and program of development of football of the Deaf 2017-2021, examine various proposals for the development of football of the Deaf.

Also, elections were held for President, Vice-Presidents and Members of the Executive Committee of DIFA. The current President of the organization Mr. Iakov Frenkel in the voting ahead of the second candidate on a post of the President of the Italian Mr. Giovanni Convito and extended his powers for another 4 years (2017-2021).

Three (3) Vice-Presidents DIFA appointed: Mr. Mohammad Pargar (Iran), Mr. Giovanni Convito (Italy), and Mr. Brice Allain (France).

The composition of the Executive Committee, in addition to the above persons were: Mr. Alshehri Ali Turki (Saudi Arabia), Mr. Cho Man-soo (South Korea), Mr. Soslanbek Kanukov (Russia), Mr. Andreas Rigas (Greece), and Ms. Liu Ting (China).

P.S. Fifty (50) Futsall balls with DIFA, ICSD and other logos were given away to the delegates after 2nd DIFA Congress in Bangkok. A big thanks to several Chinese sponsors!

Editor’s Note: The main difference between a Futsal ball and a typical football (soccer) ball, is that the bladder is filled with foam. That makes the ball heavier and have less bounce for use on the hard playing surface.